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Early Childhood Mental Health
The Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership’s goal is to expand mental health services for children 0 to 8 and their families, and to build mental health awareness and capacity in all child serving programs and agencies.  Our particular focus is the pediatric medical home, which is the first place many parents turn when they have questions about their children’s social or emotional development.  We provide professional and parent training programs, technical assistance, to child serving programs and in our Boston pilot sites, direct services for families and children. 

Our mission is to encourage healthy, happy childhoods by:

  • Supporting the healthy social and emotional development of young children;
  • Helping parents, teachers and doctors address children’s challenging behaviors through collaborative training and technical assistance;
  • Building a coordinated system of community-based services and supports to promote social and emotional health among young children and families in Boston;
  • Building strong relationships between families and doctors;
  • Reinforcing existing systems and supporting the addition of new partners and mechanisms to build a coordinated, family-driven early childhood system of care for families.
  • Working with families and providers, at individual and systems levels, to define, document and address economic and social factors that contribute to family hardship and stress.

Through two SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration) grants MYCHILD and PROJECT LAUNCH; the partnership aims to strengthen, expand and integrate statewide services for children with emotional and behavioral needs by creating a comprehensive system of community-based, culturally responsive, behavioral health services.  It also aims to support and promote statewide health care reform, with a strong focus on a medical home as a hub for health services for all Massachusetts citizens.