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For families who have children with challenging behaviors it’s about finding the “yes”, says Candace Keshwar, Family Partner from MYCHILD. Finding the “yes” means “yes I can” and that “success” is possible. There are times when raising children can be a challenging and we all could use a little help. At MYCHILD AND PROJECT LAUNCH we strive to give families that little extra encouragement and help them recognize their own strengths and to build on those strengths.

Latest Social Media Campaign

Talk to your Pediatrician about your Child's Social & Emotional Health
The Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership has recently launched a public media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of childhood mental health even at the youngest ages, and to encourage parents to talk regularly with their pediatricians about the topic. The media campaign will include advertisements at bus shelters in Boston and toolkits for pediatric providers that aim to make conversations about mental health more approachable for parents and practitioners alike..

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