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Massachusetts IECMH Professional Development

We are very excited to present the 2017 version of the IECMH Professional Development Compendium.  It contains 147 trainings offered by 26 agencies for cross-systems professionals working with infants, young children, and their families.  Infant and early childhood mental health services aim to support child and family competence within their socio-cultural context, reduce risk, and intervene in functioning that threatens to erode early development and healthy parent-child relationships.

This year's Compendium guide links the original framework of promotion, prevention, intervention, and treatment tiers of supports with Massachusetts's Association for Infant Mental Health (​) Competency Guidelines.  MassAIMH purchased the license to the Michigan (MI-AIMH) competency system and has formed a Competency Task Force that helped develop this year's Compendium.  Next year, with support from the Departments of Early Education and Care and Public Health, we hope to have each training coded by what level of Competency it addresses; for this year, only selected training entities have crosswalked their offerings. If you see your training entity listed and want more information about crosswalking your offering to the MassAIMH Competency Guidelines, please contact us!


Interested professionals can access this resource guide, including instructions for its use, below.

The Professional Development Compendium has been updated to reflect new and upcoming trainings.

User Guide for the Professional Development Resource Guide and Professional Development Resource Guide​ (PDF Booklet Format) 

Table of Contents for Resource Guide 

Professional Development Resource Guide (Searchable Excel file)

 MassAIMH Competency Guidelines Summary