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Massachusetts CSEFEL Leadership

In 2009, Massachusetts was selected to participate in a unique early childhood professional development opportunity designed to build the skills of infant and early childhood practitioners to nurture young children’s social-emotional development. The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) Pyramid Model ( is a valuable resource for early childhood professionals, both those working in early childhood classrooms and those working with families of young children in home visiting and parenting groups. As a nationally implemented approach dedicated to promoting the social- emotional development of children birth to 5, the CSEFEL Pyramid Model offers providers a range of evidence-based practices to use in the classroom, as well as modules that can be used in parenting groups or on home visits. On the CSEFEL website, providers can download a variety of free resources and tools to help nurture children’s social-emotional development, address risk factors, and respond to challenging behaviors.

For early childhood classroom teachers, these resources feature guides and handouts on how providers can use books to promote children’s mental health. These “Book Nook” materials include recommendations for specific book titles, methods for carrying-over book content and messages to everyday play, and suggestions for book-based small group activities. Providers can also access supporting materials including the handouts: “Practical Strategies for Teachers: Tools to Encourage Social Emotional- Development” and “Literature to
Help Children Cope with Family Stressors”. Parent-focused handouts include: “Teaching Your Child to Identify Emotions” and “Positive Solutions for Families: Tips for Parents”.

CSEFEL has a “sister” initiative funded by the Federal Department of Education: TACSEI: Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Interventions.

For more information on the CSEFEL please visit:
Pyramid Model Initiative in Massachusetts: