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Massachusetts YCC Professional Development

The Young Children’s Council (YCC) represents a collaboration of cross-disciplinary and interagency stakeholders in the field of early childhood mental health (ECMH) in Massachusetts and is led by Project LAUNCH and MYCHILD. The YCC Early Childhood Mental Health Professional Development Workgroup was developed in order to capitalize on the MYCHILD and LAUNCH grants as opportunities to bolster and enhance the visibility of the ECMH field in the state.

Workgroup objectives include developing an ECMH professional development framework organized across promotion, prevention and treatment/interventions levels for cross-systems providers. The workgroup has also created linkages between the YCC and relevant partners in the ECMH field to build greater awareness of ECMH among both clinicians and policy makers.  Recently, the workgroup has partnered with the Child Witness to Violence (CWTV) Program at Boston Medical Center and will serve as the advisory group for a SAMHSA-funded grant awarded to CWTV that focuses on the dissemination of Child Parent Psychotherapy, an evidence-based treatment for young children who have experienced trauma.

The workgroup has launched several projects including a compendium of ECMH professional development activities in Massachusetts. The compendium serves as an environmental scan to identify training gaps, duplications, and opportunities for collaboration/expansion as well as a professional development resource guide for child and family-serving professionals. Interested professionals can access this resource guide, including instructions for its use, below.

The Professional Development Resources Guide has been updated to reflect new and upcoming trainings.

  1. User Guide for the Professional Development Resource Guide [Read First]
  2. Professional Development Resource Guide Version 1 (Searchable Spreadsheet Format)
  3. Professional Development Resource Guide Version 2 (PDF Booklet Format)
  4. Overview of the Levels of Intervention included within the Professional Development Resource Guide